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Berlin Chili Fest : Spring Edition Sunday 22nd May 2022

Berlin Chili Fest : Spring Edition
Sunday 22nd May 2022

5€ Entry: You will receive a free Berlin Chili Fest tote bag when you enter, buy advanced tickets here:

Join us for a day of all things Chili, come taste some of the best new hot sauce in Europe (and beyond), and have a chilled-out spicy day with lovely people.

Official website:

Spicy Market Stalls
Fresh Chilis
Seeds & Starter Kits
Hot Sauce tasting
Chili Seedlings

★★★★★ CORONA ★★★★★

Updated Covid information for the festival:

★★★★★ BRANDS ★★★★★

The List of sauce providers & friends :

Crazy Bastard Sauce
Pfefferhaus Berlin
Not That Spicy
Piri Piri Berlin
White Whale Sauces
the 420 chilli company
Chili Punk Berlin
Chorrito Sauce
Raijmakers Heetmakers
Wiltshire Chili Farm
Food Narco Berlin
Uncle Jonnys Hot sauce
Picamama Berlin
Tipare by gayture
Kamenica Reaper
Trini Hot Mouth
Singularity hot sauce
Das Güd Spice Co
Fat Cat
The General’s
The Bonnie Sauce Company
Ric Orlando’s
Blazing Foods
Hush Hush
Twisted Curry
plus more friends…

★★★★★ MORE DETAILS ★★★★★

Kookaburra Comedy Club
Schönhauser Allee 184, 10119 Berlin

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